Hesitant About Getting Stung

When bad things happen to us, we can get a little hesitant. A week ago, our grand-son, Peyton, was stung by a wasp. Yesterday we took him and his brother to the pool again. Twice, bugs of some type landed around the pool. He saw them both times and immediately wanted to know if they would hurt him? We are assured him that they wouldn’t. One of them got close enough and we killed it. So that was the end of that problem.

It’s perfectly normal for Peyton to be a little hesitant. He was hurt by Bug a week ago and in his little mind, any little bug can hurt him.

We are like that as well.

Let’s say someone has gone through a divorce and it was painful; they may be hesitant about re-marrying.

Maybe you have gotten stung…and you are very hesitant about trying again…don’t let a bug keep you from moving forward.

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