Changed Lives – The Greatest Need In America

I believe that the greatest need in America is for Christians to apply what we believe. We say we believe the Bible; ok, we should apply the principles of the Bible. We should love one another… be kind to one another… help one another as opposed to yelling at one another.

In Romans 2…. The apostle Paul is talking about “true circumcision.” He says that it’s not merely being the letter of the law… ie, being a legalist. Instead, Paul says, “It is a change of heart produced by the Spirit.. And a person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people.”

Focus on the words, “changed heart.” A person who is changed has a changed heart produced by the Spirit.

Now, no one is. perfect… We all make mistakes. But, on the whole, if we are changed by Christ, it should change our lives. We should be loving, caring people. Our speech should be different. Our attitude should be different.

If every believer whose life has been changed by the spirit of God lived their faith, we could take some huge steps toward changing America.

A changed heart should mean changed life and changed lives would mean a changed or changing homes, cities, churches, schools and nation.

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