What Does Repentance Mean?

When a person gives their life to Christ, they do it so that their sins can be forgiven. But in addition to having ours sins forgiven, the gospels tell us we should repent of our sins and stop living the way we once lived.

In the gospel of Matthew, John the Baptist was baptizing people at the Jordan River. One day some religious leaders came and John asked them why they came? Then he said “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God” (Matt 3:9).

What does “repent” mean? It means to turn our back on our old way of living. It means to change and begin living for Christ.

None of us are perfect….we all have flaws…we all slip….but it is my conviction that Christians have slipped here. We will say that we believe in Christ…we love Jesus but gave our lives changed?

Now, you may ask, “What kind of change are you referring to?” Our talk should change. Yes, we may slip at times but it should bother us when we do. The bottom line is our words, our conversation…grows out of our heart. If our heart has changed our speech will change.

Our lives should be marked by love…tenderness…compassion….like Jesus. We should be honest….The bottom line is our lives should be different. But are we?

It is my conviction that one of the greatest needs in our country is for Christians….you and me….for our lives to change and reflect Christ. The Christian message has been watered down some. The bar has been lowered some. I encourage you to join me in living for Christ this year. To watch our mouths…to be filled with mercy and grace.

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