The Lord Formed The Human Spirit

When our kids were small they watched Barney quite a bit. Barney was a big purple dinosaur who had his own club members. Barney would say, “Your very special!” Barney was right; we are very special. God made us that way.

But, the one thing we have in common is the Lord made each of us. In Zechariah the prophet says of the Lord; “The Lord…formed the human spirit.” Think about that. The Lord made us.

The Lord made us just like we are. God loves us. We are all different. We don’t think alike. We don’t look alike. But God made us.

I don’t particularly care for some forms of music. But others do. There are certain things I like in church but others may not care for. We see things different politically.

The Lord made us and loves us. He formed the human spirit. And because He did, the Lord is the only one that can bring us happiness. The only way anyone will find happiness is through knowing Christ. We each have a void in our hearts that can be filled by God.

So, if you are searching for meaning and happiness – look to the Lord…He created the human spirit.

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