Joseph Did The Right Thing – We Should As Well

Imagine that you were Joseph.

He and Mary were betrothed which meant they were engaged. One day and angel appeared to Mary and told her she would bear the Christ child. The problem was she and Joseph had not had intercourse. So, Mary has to tell Joseph that she’s pregnant…and the father is the Lord. It’s going to be tough to persuade Joseph on that.

Joseph and Mary talk and Mary tells him about the angel visiting her. Joseph could have had Mary stoned. But instead, Joseph must have told Mary he needed some time to think. As Joseph slept, he had a dream and in his dream the Lord spoke to him. The Lord told Joseph that Mary was being honest with him. But now, Joseph had to believe.

After thinking about, Joseph took Mary at her word and took her as his wife. Jospeh probably experienced some ridicule from others for believing Mary. But, he did what he thought was right.

We can learn from Joseph. It is not always easy to do the right thing. But, it’s always right to do the right thing. Maybe there is something you need to do. You know you need to do it….it’s the right thing to do….but it’s not going to be easy.

Like Joseph, we should all do the right thing. Joseph did the right thing inspire Of experiencing ridicule. Today and every day, let’s ask the Lord to help us do the right thing.

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