Why Do We Need Christmas?

This Friday, we will celebrate Christmas…the birth of Jesus Christ. But why is the birth of Jesus so important?

Go back with me to the beginning of time. God made Adam & Eve and placed them in the garden of Eden. God gave them everything they needed and told them not to eat from one tree. Well, the devil came along, disguised as a snake and tempted them to take the fruit from the forbidden tree…and they did. When they took the forbidden fruit, sin came into the world and that sin separated man from God. Since then, every person comes into the world as a sinner because we are all descendants of Adam.

So, man now has a sin problem. Because if his sin, man is separated from God. So how does man fix his sin problem?

Man tried building altars but that didn’t work. Man tried being good…keeping the commandments but he couldn’t do it. Man is human and humans sin. Man tried giving but he can’t give enough. So what could man do? Nothing! There was nothing man could do. Man needed a second chance.

God in heaven knew this. God could have done nothing. He could have said, “Man, you made your bed now, lie in it.” But God is love. And although man made his problem God still loved man. And God knew He was the only one who could solve the problem.

But there was an issue. Since all children come into the world with sin, how could God get His Son into the world without sin? There was only one way; God had to cause a virgin to conceive and He did! God caused a virgin to conceive (Mary) and she gave birth to Jesus, Savior of the world. Jesus’ Father is God so Jesus came into the world without sin. That’s important because a perfect sacrifice had to be made to take care of man’s sin.

So, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God. If Jesus had not come into the world, man would have no hope!

This week, take time and give thanks to God for the gift of His Son at Christmas.

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