The Power Of God’s Grace

I am an unapologetic “grace” man. I believe STRONGLY in grace. But, does Grace give us a license to sin? No it doesn’t.

In the book of Jude, the scripture says that some ungodly people had gotten into the church and were saying that “…God’s marvelous grace allows us to live immoral lives.” Why did these people believe that God’s Grace allows you to live an immoral life?

They believed that because God forgives us, you could do whatever you wanted and God would forgive. God’s grace is real but it doesn’t mean we can do whatever we like. In fact it’s just the opposite; because God’s grace is real that grace should lead us to want to glorify God and not sin.

Other world religions require those who follow their faiths to do works.. essentially to earn their salvation. Christianity is different; we can’t work our way into heaven. Instead we serve the Lord because God loves us.

God’s grace is real and it’s power should lead us to live God and discourage us from immoral living.

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