Daniel In The Lions Den

As Christians, we are called to live the Christian life. And we are called to do it in a world of sin. It’s not easy to live the Christian here. You can feel like Daniel in the lions den.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, it goes like this. Daniel was appointed as a leader of a certain area. The other leaders became jealous of Daniel. Daniel hadn’t done anything to them, but they were jealous. They knew the only way they could get rid of Daniel was by using his religion. So they got the King to pass a law that anyone who prayed to anyone other than the king, should be thrown into the lions den. The king signed the law and Daniel was found breaking the law. So he was thrown into the lions den.

But God closed the mouths of the lions and Daniel lived.

It may be that you feel you are surrounded by the lions of the world and you may be. Just as the Lord protected Daniel, He will be with you. Stay true to your faith and live for Christ. God will be with us in the lions den.

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