The Sin Of Doing Nothing

One idea of living the Christian life is not doing certain things. So if we don’t do bad things, we are considered a good Christian. But is that the way we are to live the Christian life? Is it all about not doing certain things?

Let’s look at the flip-side of that; we can not do certain things and feel good about ourselves. But what if we know someone needs help…needs ministry and we don’t help them? Is that bad? Now remember, we are not doing certain things but we are failing to do some good things we know we should do.

James talked about this. James said, “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”

This is called the sin of doing nothing. You know someone needs help but you don’t do it and that is sin. Maybe you know someone who needs help. They need ministry. We need to help them. Failing to do things to help others, is just as much sin as NOT doing bad things. You know someone needs help but you do nothing to help them.

Today, maybe there is someone you know who needs help. If you are financially able, help them. Someone might say, “I’m not going to help them…they have blown all their money.” They may have, but they still need help. Let the Lord judge their lives not us.

Today, give someone a hand. Help someone out. If we see a need but fail to help we have sinned.

Years ago, a person came forward during a revival and told the Minister, “I ain’t been doing nothing and I’m going to quit it.”

Today, stop doing nothing. Help someone. Do something good.

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