Doing Little Things Can Mean A Lot

Little things….can mean a lot.

Wednesday night, I was leaving our dealership and I had to stop and get gas and check the air in my tires. I filled up with gas and then pulled over to the air tanks. I put the quarters in and turned around and there was one of the young men from our dealership. He said, “I wanted to help you check your air.”

I replied, “Buddy you don’t have to do that…”. But he insisted.

It was late and I was tired but he was tired as well. But, that one little act meant a ton at that moment.

You may not be around someone today who needs help checking the air in their tires but they may need other help. Maybe they need help with their groceries. Maybe they are carrying a lot and need some help. Maybe you can pay for someone’s coffee.

In Matthew 25 Jesus told a parable where he said that if someone feeds the hungry or visits someone in prison or gives someone a cup of cold water, that person has done unto “…the least of these.”

Today, look for someone who needs a little help and lift their load a little.

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