Hope That Things Will Get Better

I grew up in the East Fork community just east of the small-town of Kentwood, La. When I was growing up, Kentwood was a thriving little town. There was Brown-Morris grocery & hardware store. There was White’s Auto store. There was Simmons Department store. There was Hoss Lee’s Conoco station. There was James & Keith Allen’s Purina feed store. But all of those, and others are gone today. I mean absolutely no offense by this statement but Kentwood has dried up.

But let’s imagine that someone came to Kentwood and bought property on Main Street. A long-time resident of Kentwood might ask them why they are buying that property; the town is dead. It’s not coming back.

But this person says, “Well, I believe that one day, this town will thrive again so I’m purchasing this property.

That’s exactly what happened in Jeremiah’s prophecy. The people of Israel were about to be taken into Babylonian captivity. Yet God had given a message to purchase some property. That message seemed ridiculous because Judah was about to be taken into captivity. Buying property appeared to be foolish. But the Lord said

“Someday people will again own property here in this land and will buy and sell houses and vineyards and fields.’”

“Someday” the Lord says, “this area will live again.” That was a message of hope for Judah.

Maybe you need hope this morning. Maybe you are questioning the future?

The Lord says, “Buy the field….this area will one day thrive again.”

God gives us hope. That doesn’t always mean that things are going to get better here. It may mean that God is going to give us strength for the present. The Lord told Paul, “My Grace is sufficient for thee.” God may not change our circumstances but He may give us hope in the present.

Jeremiah was told, “I know things look bleak but….buy the property…things will one day get better.” He tells us the same.

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