Selling Your Soul To The Devil

“He sold his soul to the devil.”

You are likely familiar with that phrase.  When it is said of someone that they “sold their soul to the devil,” it means the person began doing some things that were wrong… ie.. selling their soul to the devil…. In order to make money or gain fame etc…. 

The person I was talking to was an alumnus of a University.   This University had a Coach that didn’t have much discipline on his team.  The discipline was lacking because the Coach wanted to win a Championship.  So, in the words of my friend who is alumnus, the Coach sold his soul to the devil in order to win a Championship.  

As my friend and I talked, that statement got my attention… “he sold his soul to the devil to win a championship.”  I thought, “That’s a pretty high price for a championship” and it is… But if we aren’t careful, we can sell our soul to the devil as well.  

“Selling our soul to the devil” can mean doing things in business that are wrong… in order to make money.  

“Selling our soul to the devil” can mean getting involved in an immoral relationship for sex.

“Selling our soul to the devil” can mean overlooking some things because we like the power we have or the access to power that we have.  

It means doing something that is wrong and justifying it… making it sound….maybe, not as bad as it seems.  

In the gospels, Jesus was tempted.  On one occasion, Satan tempted Jesus by offering to give Him something in exchange for Jesus worshiping Satan.  Jesus told Satan, he didn’t even have the authority to give what he was proposing so Jesus resisted the temptation of Satan.  That is exactly what selling our soul to the devil is… yielding to his temptation.  

Coaches aren’t the only ones who sell out… people do it all the time.  So, question for all of us; are you selling your soul to the devil?  If so, I can tell you in advance; whatever it is… it’s not worth it.  You may not have much money or have fame or power… but none of those things are worth, selling out to the devil.  Doing so leads to eternal punishment if we don’t ask God for forgiveness.  

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