Encourage Someone

My Encouragers – Jon Hodorff & Lucy

Everyone needs encouragement. We all need someone to come by our side at times and encourage us.

I have gotten back into CrossFit in the last month. I have gained some of my weight back and I’m out-of-shape. When I first started a few weeks ago, one morning, we had to jump rope. I couldn’t do it. Oh, I might could do one or two but that was it. It was very frustrating.

Well, this morning we had to jump-rope….I was able to do several and yes, I was proud. That’s not much for other people but for me, it was big. It encouraged me.

After the work-out Jon Hodorff walked by, fist-bumped me and said “.great job! Showing up is half the battle.” Lucy, my instructor is also an encourager.

This morning, Jon’s words encouraged me. Maybe the Lord wants you to encourage someone. Maybe the Lord wants to use you to pick someone up. In the book of Acts, Barnabas was known as an encourager. We should be the same. Encourage someone today.

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