Having A Faith That Doesn’t Waver.

Faith is an integral part of living the Christian life. In order to believe in Christ, we must have faith. In order to pray, we must have faith. Faith is believing in God although we can’t see Him.

So, how is your faith? Is our faith strong? When we pray, do we ever doubt that God can answer? Do we ever give a situation to God and then question if God can handle it?

The Psalmist said, “I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.” Think about those two words; “without wavering.” That means our faith is solid, believing in God.

But, let’s be honest; can we say out faith never wavers? Most of us have a little “doubting Thomas” in is meaning that our faith wavers from time to time. But we should strive to be like the Psalmist and have a faith that doesn’t waver.

Maybe your faith is wavering a little now. Maybe you are trying to believe…trying to trust but it is tough. Hang in there. You can trust the Lord. He has promised to protect us and provide for us.

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