What is your heart’s desire? And, does Grant it? Psalms 21:2 says, “For you have given him his heart’s desire; you have withheld nothing he requested.”

The text is referring to the king. The Lord had given him his hearts desire. So does this verse mean we can ask God for anything…our heart’s desire, and God will grant it?

No it doesn’t although sermons have been preached that it does. Some practice a “name it and claim it” theology. They believe that whatever you want …house….vehicle….money for a trip…just lift up to God….and believe that God will Grant it. But, what is our heart’s desire to begin with? It should be to honor God. So, we don’t ask God for anything inconsistent with His will.

So today if our heart’s desire is consistent with Gods will then yes, God will Grant it. If not, it can happen but not as likely.

May our desire be to glorify God and may that be our heart’s desire.

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