The Conscience Fund

The US Treasury has a Conscience fund. It began in 1811, when James Madison’s administration received $5 from someone who said he had defrauded the government.

Guilt money has been dribbling into the U.S. Treasury ever since — more than $6.5 million in all.

What is our conscience?

It is something God gives us that is intended to guide us in living and making decisions. Our conscience represents somewhat of a check-point. It can prevent us from doing things we shouldn’t do.

In I Samuel 24, David decided to take a census. He was warned not to do it but he did it any way. After taking the census, the Bible says his …”conscience began to bother him.” He then went to the Lord and confessed his sin.

The Lord gives us all a conscience. Our conscience as a guide or check-point. Man is the only part of God’s creation with a conscience. When we do something that is wrong, our conscience may begin to bother us and we admit our wrong-doing. Or, it can prevent us from doing something to begin with.

At times, you may hear of something bad on the news and you may say, “my Lord, do they have no conscience?”

Maybe your conscience has been bothering you about something you did or maybe something you thought about doing but didn’t and now your conscience bothers you.

You’ve heard someone having a guilty conscience? When we have a guilty conscience it’s because we’ve done something wrong. If your conscience is bothering you, ask the Lord for forgiveness and He will Grant it.

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