“Do You Wish To Get Well?”

Would you like to get well?”

That seems like a ridiculous question, doesn’t it? But there are some people who don’t want to get well.

In John 5 there is a story about a man that was lame. Jesus asked him if he wanted to be well? Why did Jesus ask that?

Because when a person is sick, they get attention or sympathy from others. And, they can begin to like that and consequently, don’t really want to get well. Or, maybe a person doesn’t want to put forth the effort to get well.

Jesus is willing to help any of us if we are willing to do our part. Maybe someone is an alcoholic or drug addict. Whipping an addiction is tough but it can be done. Making personal changes is tough but it can be done.

Maybe there is a problem you have that’s holding you back on the job. Are you willing to change?

Jesus asks each one of us…”Do you wish to get well?” If so, He wants to help us.

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