Jesus Knows Us… Everything About Us And He Loves Us

When you read the gospels… which tell us about the life of Christ, there are many stories of Jesus healing people and feeding people and teaching and all of them are powerful. But there is one particular story that is interesting to me…
The Bible says that on one occasion, Jesus sent two disciples into Jerusalem and told them they would meet a carrying a pitcher of water. They were told to follow him. They were go into the house the man entered and they were to say to the owner, “Where is the guest room where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?” They were told that the man would take them upstairs to a large room that would be already set up and that is where they were to prepare for the meal.
So, had Jesus already made arrangements with this man to have the last supper there or, did He, in His sovereignty just know what was about to happen? I lean toward thinking Jesus knew.
So, if Jesus knew what would happen… He knows us as well. He knows what troubles us. He knows how we are wired. He knows us… He knows our sins.. He knows the mistakes we’ve made… He knows the bad choices we’ve made… He knows our thoughts… He knows us… and yet, He loves us.
Rest in the fact that Jesus Christ, Savior of the world… knows us… loves us and forgives us.
In the movie “Wyatt Earp,” Wyatt (Kevin Costner) is friends with Doc Holliday (Dennis Quaid). Holliday is a rough character. He is dying of tuberculosis and drinks heavily. One occasion he says to Wyatt, “I know it’s not easy being my friend but I will always be there for you when you need me.”
Now flip that statement… it may not be easy at times for Jesus to love us, or maybe it’s never an issue but, just for the moment let’s imagine at times that maybe it’s tough for Jesus to love us at times… we mess up… we screw up… but, in spite of all our mistakes… Jesus always loves us. Always.

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