Harriet Tubman Was Committed To Freedom – What Are You Committed To?

One more post from the movie “Harriet.”

What is your purpose in life? What means more to you than anything else? For Harriet Tubman, it was freedom.
In one scene, she is running away but her master catches up with her. She is trapped on a bridge with a raging river underneath.
She crawls over the bridge railing preparing to jump. Her master begins walking toward her. She looks at him and looks at the river…and freedom meant so much to her that ahe jumped. She didn’t know if she would survive but she knew she would rather be sead than to be a slave.
She did survive…made it to Philadelphia and began rescuing others.
Harriet took a chance..she didnt know if she would live but she was willing to riak her life. What moves you today? Maybe there is something you want to do but you are unsure. You have ti want it bad enough that you are willing to try.
On another occasion Harriet is speaking to a group of people about freeing more slaves. The group thinks it’s too risky. Harriet says, “I will give every drop of blood within me but I ain’t giving up. I am willing to, “Do what I gotta do, Go wherever I gotta go To free as many slaves as possible.”
Are we willing to “do what we gotta do” to see something happen?
The Bible tells us that Jesus set His face toward Jerusalem. He knew He would be crucified but He was willing to give His life so our sins could bw forgiven. What are you committed to today?

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