Everyone Has A Story… So Don’t Judge

Another post from the movie “Harriet.”
When Harriet ran away she went to a home in Philadelphia where she met a man and woman who helped runaway slaves. Harriet met the man’s wife and the lady began talking with Harriet. As she ended her conversation, the lady told Harriet to get a bath because she smelled terrible.
I don’t remember the exact exchange but Harriet asked, if this lady had ever ran away? If she had ever been through the experience of running for her life… having to swim to safety or being shot at? She was essentially saying, “yeah, I know I smell bad but if you had gone through what I’ve gone through, you would smell bad too.”
The lady then said, “Harriet, you are right and I apologize.”
It’s easy for us to judge others but we don’t know what someone else has been through. Jesus told us several times, don’t judge others. One time Jesus said “we focus on the speck in someone else’s eye while ignoring the beam in our own eye.”
There is a commercial that a credit union in our area runs that says “every loan has a story… come tell us yours.”
Well, every person has a story… and we have no idea what that story is. So, don’t judge… as Harriet Tubman asked, “Have you ever had to run for your life? Run while being shot at?…”
Harriet had gone through a lot.. as many people have. Be careful and don’t judge.

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