“Don’t Judge Her, We Just Trying To Stay Sane’

Last night, Holli and I watched the movie “Harriet.” The movie is about Harriet Tubman a slave, who ran away from her Master’s plantation. She made it to Philadelphia, PA where she found safety and took the name “Harriet Tubman” as her free name. Then, putting her life at risk, she made several trips to her old plantation to free her family.
On one occasion, Harriet goes back to get her sister. She tosses a rock that hits a window and gets her sisters attention. Her sister then comes outside where Harriet tells her she has come to take her with her. She then begins getting an update on how various family members are doing.
I don’t remember the exact exchange but her sister tells her about one family member and Harriet is somewhat angry about what that person is doing. Her sister then says, “Harriet, don’t judge her… we just all trying to stay sane… we can’t all run.”
“Don’t judge her… we just all trying to stay sane.” For a slave, living under the conditions of the old south, staying sane was a challenge. Life was tough.  And, some of the slaves had to do things that perhaps wasn’t the best but, they were trying to survive.
The same can happen today. Sometimes, in an effort to “stay sane,” people may take some unorthodox measures. Maybe there is someone you know who is different. Maybe they think differently or do some different things than you do.. they do what they do, just trying to stay sane. We need to be careful and not judge others. We have no idea what a person has gone through. We have no idea why they act the way they do. Are they different? Yes… but it’s not our place to judge.
So, if there is someone doing something you don’t agree with.. don’t judge them… none of us are God… every person will stand before God one day so instead of judging, let’s leave that to God.
Someone may be just trying to stay sane. Maybe instead of judging we should try to encourage.

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