Jesus – Everything He Does Is Wonderful

“Everything he does is wonderful…”
This is what the crowd of people were saying about Jesus after he healed a deaf man.        “Everything he does is wonderful.. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak” (Mark 7).
Think about that phrase… “everything He does is wonderful.”
What did Jesus do?
He healed people…
He fed people..
He forgave people…
He loved people..
He died on the cross for us…
Religion can be divisive. Religion can lead us to judge others. Religion can lead to a spirit of arrogance.
But Jesus is about love. The only people Jesus condemned were the religious people.
There is a book entitled, “I love Jesus, it’s Christians I have a problem with.” There is a lot of truth to that.
Today, focus on the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Everything He does is wonderful.

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