Love Is The Theme, Eternal Theme

The Bible is a book of love. It is a book that reveals God’s love for us. From the beginning when God decided to cover Adam and Eve in the garden, we see love. The Bible reveals God’s plan for mankind.
Recently, our nation celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day. On one occasion King said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too heavy a burden to bear.”
This nation needs more love. Our churches need more love. We need more love for our fellow man. There is way too much hatred, yelling, finger-pointing and judging in our world. We need more love.
The greatest example of love is Jesus sacrificial death on the cross. Jesus dies so you and I could have our sins forgiven. If Jesus doesn’t die on the cross, we are doomed to an eternity in hell separated from the love of God. Jesus gave His life so our sins could be forgiven. While on the cross He forgave those who took His life. We can all learn from the example of our Lord and be more forgiving.
There is an old hymn that I am reminded of…
“Of the themes that men have known, One supremely stands alone.
Through the ages it has shown, Tis His wonderful, wonderful love.
Love is theme, Love is supreme.
Sweeter it grows, Glory bestows,
Bright as the sun, ever it glows.
Love is the theme, eternal theme!”

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