Regardless What We Have Done – God Hears Our Cry For Help

Recently, I watched the movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” If you have seen it, it is a TOUGH, TOUGH movie. The film is based on the real-life story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas electrician, (Matthew McConaughey) who is stunned to learn that he has AIDS. Although he is told he has just 30 days to live, he refuses to give up. He seeks out alternative therapies and smuggles unapproved drugs into the U.S. from wherever he can find them. Woodroof joins forces with a fellow AIDS patient (Jared Leto) and begins selling the treatments to the growing number of people who can’t wait for the medical establishment to save them.
At one point, the main character, (Matthew McConoghey) is driving when the reality of everything he’s dealing with hits him. He stops the car and there, this foul-mouthed man, who has lots of unprotected sex and now has AIDS has been told he has a short-time to live begins to weep. He’s out in the middle of no-where but he’s weeping. He’s hurting and he has little hope.
I thought about that scene. He had AIDS because he had unprotected sex. He had reaped what he had sown. So, if he turned to God, would God hear him?
The answer, is “Yes.” It doesn’t matter what we have done, doesn’t matter what our past or our present is, God loves us and will help us.
Psalms 20:1 says, “In times of trouble, may the answer your cry.”
Think about that verse… “In times of trouble…” We have all faced trouble of some type. So, let’s say someone has lived a life of sex, drugs and alcohol. They have lived on the wild side. They have sown some wild oats. Will God save them? Will God answer their cry?
Yes He will! No one is outside the realm of God’s forgiveness!
It doesn’t matter what you have done or how badly you have messed up, God will hear your cry for help.

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