“Grace, Mercy & Peace”

The holiday season is supposed to be a fun time – we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace. However, instead of a fun time it can become a nerve-racking time. People are busier during the holidays. There are presents to buy…parties to attend….etc…and that can stress us out.

In II John 3, the apostle John begins his letter by telling the church he wishes the. “Grace, mercy and peace…”

Think about those…”grace”…is a life of forgiveness, a life of love. Is your life filled with love or hate?

“Mercy”…is a willingness to love and forgive…

“Peace”…..we can have peace with God, the peace of God and with our fellow man.

Is your life marked by those things? If not, it can be.

During the holiday season, peace is missing in many of our lives. We get stressed-out….we experience anxiety…. during a season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

How can we have peace?

First, maybe we need to slow down. Second, if your money is tight, don’t spend as much on gifts and don’t feel bad about it.

Third, have realistic expectations. We watch ads on television and we can want our Christmas to be like the ad. But the ad isn’t real. So our expectations aren’t real.

“Grace, mercy and peace..”. That’s what Jesus wants us all to experience and especially during this season when we celebrate His birth.

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