“Don’t Go Around Tootin Your Own Horn”

“Don’t go around ‘tooting your own horn.”
That’s an expression that’s been around a long time. It refers to someone who is always bragging about themselves. Another word that I’ve used and I’ve heard others use in reference to someone who brags is “cocky.”
When someone is “cocky” they kind of walk around with their chest stuck-out and are glad to tell the world everything they have accomplished. Someone may say, “I’m not cocky, I’m confident.” And that may be true. There is nothing wrong with confidence. But being cocky well, that’s another thing.
Proverbs 27:2 says, “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth— a stranger, not your own lips.”
Think about that verse… “let someone else praise you… ” I’ve known people and so have you who seem to constantly be talking about themselves. They are always wanting to tell you what they have accomplished.
And, I’ve known people who seem to feel they are “the cat’s meow” so to speak. When someone is like that, it often means there is some insecurity.
Years ago, I knew a man was Pastor of a large church in Texas. His name was Paul W. Powell. One year, Holli and I . drove through Tyler, Texas, where he was Pastor and went to church there. I noticed his church sign simply read, “Paul W. Powell, Pastor.” There was no “Dr.” or “Rev.” on the sign… Just “Paul W. Powell.”
I thought that was interesting. He wasn’t hung up on himself. He was just a regular guy that God had called to Pastor. He wasn’t hung up on a title.
There are times, when it may be appropriate to “toot your own horn;” to let someone know what you have accomplished or what your church has accomplished. But it needs to be the exception rather than the rule. Our goal every day should be to please the Lord.        We don’t please the Lord with a spirit of arrogance. We please the Lord when we are filled with humility.
So, don’t go around “tooting your own horn.” Our goal on a daily basis is to please the Lord not our fellow man.

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