Let’s say you invest in real estate. One of the rules is, buy real estate in areas that are either growing or growth is on the way. But let’s say someone approaches you with land in a depressed area. And, let’s say that you believe that area is going to change. You buy the land believing that one day, things are going to turn around and that area will be worth something.

That very thing happened to Jeremiah the prophet. Let’s set the stage.

The nation of Babylon has besieged the city of Jerusalem. And, Jeremiah the prophet is in prison. The outlook is not good. At this time, God speaks to Jeremiah and tells him that Hanamel is going to come to him with an offer for Jeremiah to buy some property. Jeremiah is in prison. He isn’t sure when he would get out. So you wouldn’t think he would want to buy real estate. But, God tells him to buy it as a sign to Judah that, “…..houses and fields and vineyards shall again be bought in this land” (Jer 32:15).

So, Jeremiah buys the field. His purchase is a message of hope that, one day, he doesn’t know when, but one day, “houses and fields and vineyard will be bought in the land.” It was a message of hope to Judah.

Maybe you need a message of hope…Hope that things will get better. Hope that your marriage can get better. Hope that you will get a job. Hope that God isn’t finished with you.

Just as God spoke to Jeremiah, He speaks to us. There is Hope. God will give us the strength to make it through tough times. “houses and fields and houses and vineyards will again be bought in the land.”

In the movie, “Dunkirk,” the Germans had the British pinned in. To rescue the British every British citizen that had a boat was asked to go and help rescue the British. One day, a high-ranking military official is gazing off into the horizon looking for any sight of these vessels. Then he sees something…It’s a boat coming to rescue…a man asks, “What do you see, sir?”

He replies, “I see hope.”

God wants us to see hope as well.

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