Walking Through The Valley Of Weeping

When they walk through the Valley of Weeping…”

In Psalm 84, the Psalmist talks about “the Valley of Weeping.”

Most of us have been through it. For some , it was due to the loss of a spouse or child or friend. For some time you wept over your loss.

For others, the Valley of Weeping May have been due to a divorce.

For others, it was health problems or loss of a job or other things.

The Valley of weeping is a place of sorrow and grief. It is a place if sadness. It is a place where we can feel there is no hope.

The Valley of Weeping is real. But, we don’t have to remain there. The Psalmist says, “..it will become a place of refreshing springs…” Think about that; a place that was a place of weeping…or sadness…is now a place of refreshing springs.

Now, someone may say, “I’m not at the place of refreshing springs yet.” I understand. Sometimes the valley of weeping lasts a while. And for some, the pain may never entirely go away but, we determine, with the Lord’s help, to move along. To try to continue walking…through the valley.

I have a Pastor-friend who lost his wife about ten years ago. My guess is his valley of weeping has not totally gone away…he still misses his wife..but he tries to press on.

My mother-I’m-law, Emma Zell Knighton, lost a son and a husband within a couple of years. In some ways her valley of weeping has not stopped but she has tried to move forward.

My Daddy passed away in April 2011. I’m sure there are days when my Mom, Myrna Potts, continues to walk through the Valley of Weeping…but she tries to press on.

If you are walking through the Valley of Weeping, keep walking…the Psalmist said, “…it will become a place of refreshing springs.”

It may be a while before that happens…for that matter, it may never go away totally, but, the Lord gives us times when we are able to handle it better than others.

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