Living Wisely Among Non-Believers

America is referred to as a “post-Christian” nation. That means that there was a time when Christianity was the dominant faith and Christian values were readily accepted. But that isn’t true any longer. America is not a “Christian” nation and Christian values are not dominant any longer.
And that leads lots of Christians and Christian leaders to despair about our times. But we shouldn’t despair. No, we don’t live in a time where Christian values are respected as they once were but, we can still live for Christ and make an impact in this nation.
In Colossians 4:5, the apostle Paul said, “Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.” What did Paul mean by “live wisely among those who are not believers?” It means to be careful how we live and that we are not to do things or live in a way that would cause a non-believer to question if our faith is real.
Now, let’s be frank and honest; in my opinion this is one of the reasons we aren’t winning more people to faith in Christ than we are. I think non-believers look at our lives and they may think, “If that is what being a Christian is all about, I don’t want it.”
What are some things we are doing that would be considered “unwise?” First, let’s talk about our tongues. When we are at work, do we gossip, laugh at or tell dirty jokes or judge other people?” Is that the mark of a Christian?
What about drinking alcohol? Do we go out our friends at work or our neighbors and get drunk? We may even tell our neighbors, “Hey, I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect.” But is that the mark of a Christian?
What about judging and hating others? Without question, Christians are to be marked by love. Jesus said, “The world will know you are my disciples if you love one another” (John 13:34-35). But, are we known for love?
Recently, a man came in the store where I work and we began to talk about faith. He is a Christian. He said, “You know, Christians aren’t always known for love… we are often known for judging and hate.”
He is right. I’m not suggesting that there aren’t times when we need to take a stand on some issue but even then, it can be done in love.
These are just a few things we could discuss. As Christians, we love in a world of unbelievers. Paul said we are to “live wisely” among un-believers in order that we can have the opportunity to share the love of Christ. Let’s be careful how we live.

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