Maybe you have seen that bumper sticker. It has symbols of various world religions beside it. The message it conveys is, “Hey, one faith is as good as the other; why can’t y’all get along?” And that sounds good but, it’s wrong. One faith is not as good as the other. Christianity stands above all religious faiths.

Why is that? Paul tells us in Colossians 1. He talks about the supremacy of Jesus Christ. He says that Christ “…existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.”

So, go back to the beginning of time ; Jesus was there with the Father and, Jesus holds all creation together. This is why we should worship Christ.

Recently I followed a conversation on Twitter about religion. The conversation included atheists. They were asking which religion promotes peace? Christianity was not mentioned because Christians try to win other people to faith in Christ. And why do we do that? Because Christianity is greater than all other religious groups – we are the only faith that can state that our founder rose from the dead and lives today.

But, someone will say, “wait a minute; how can you prove that?”

The Bible – God’s word proves it. It tells us about the resurrection of Jesus. “But,” someone will say, “how can you trust the Bible? How do you know it’s true?”

We accept God’s word by faith and we have had spiritual experiences with God which proves that the Bible is true.

So, our belief in Jesus comes down to faith. We have never seen Jesus but we believe He exists. Paul tells us Jesus was in the beginning with God. That is one of the reasons why we worship Him.

Now, as Christians Jesus told us to be kind to others and we should be kind to people of other faiths. We should get to know them and develop relationships with them as we can. And as the Lord leads and as opportunities present themselves, we should share our faith with them. However, we should stand stand for our faith.

Back in April, Holli, Sarah and I flew to NY to see Will. While waiting in the airport on our return flight, I began talking with a man from India. We talked a little about faith. No, I didn’t convert him but if I lived near him I would love to develop a relationship with him. I believe that’s what every Christian should do.

I work with a person who is Muslim and one is Agnostic. We have talked some about faith. Neither of them believe Jesus is the Savior of the world but I do. I respect them but I will stand for my faith.

Christianity cannot co-exist; and I realize this may be arrogant but, Christianity is greater than other religious faiths because Jesus is greater. That is why we should worship Him.

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