“We Are Family!”

As Sister Sledge sang back in the 70’s;
“We are family! I got all my sisters with me.”
Family is special to all of us. For the most part, we love spending time with our families. If things are functioning as they should, family is where we feel at home. Our family members know us.. accept us… We love and support one another in our families.
But our families aren’t perfect. And they aren’t because we are in our families and we all have flaws. Are you familiar with the phrase “dysfunctional” family? Well technically, every family is dysfunctional because no family functions just like it should.
In today’s world “blended” families are common. A blended family consists of a man and a woman who have been previously married and they already have children. So, as someone has put it, the family consists of “His, mine and ours.”
Yesterday, I saw an example of a blended family. Oh, I’ve seen blended families for years but yesterday I saw a beautiful way of looking at a blended family.
I did a wedding ceremony in Dahlonega. The bride was previously married and had two little girls. They chose to use a “sand ceremony.” A sand ceremony is when the bride and the groom take individual vases of sand and pours it in one vase signifying the beginning of a new home.
But yesterday, the girls participated as well. So, you had four different colors of sand in the vase. As I looked at that, I thought, “That’s a pretty good visual of a blended family.” God has put four different colors together in this family. That may be what God has done in your family. In fact, in some families, it may be more than four different colors.
Your family may not be perfect… My family isn’t… No family is… but if we will give our families to the Lord, the Lord will help us take our human flaws and blend it all into a beautiful family.

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