It’s The Greatest Story Ever Told – Jesus Gave His Life For Us

It is the greatest story ever told. It’s almost unbelievable. Who would ever give their life so that people who did not even like them, could live? No one would… except Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Today is Good Friday. A day for Christians to celebrate the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. A day when the sins of mankind were all paid. Because Jesus gave His life.
“But,” someone may say, “why did man’s sins need to be paid for?” The Bible says that when Adam and Eve sinned, in the book of Genesis, sin came into the world. And every person that has ever lived is a sinner because we are all descendants of Adam. And because of our sin, the Bible says that one day we will all day and then, be held accountable for our lives.
So, in an effort to be right with God, man tried all kinds of things. He built altars and made sacrifices. Man gave offerings. Man tried to live a moral life but none of those things took care of man’s sin. The sin debt still needed to be paid.
In heaven, God saw this and from the beginning of time determined to do the one thing that would pay for man’s sin; God would send His only Son into the world to pay man’s sin debt. And, God did. Jesus ministered and taught and healed for three years until He was betrayed by one of his own, Judas Iscariot. He was given a fake trial and the crowd chose a criminal, Barrabbas, to be released and chose to crucify Jesus.
He carried His cross to a place called Golgotha and there, He was crucified between two thieves. After hanging on the cross six hours, He took his last breath and said, “Into Thy hands I commit My spirit.” Man’s sin debt was paid. During that six hours, Jesus took all of the sin of mankind on His body.
He didn’t have to do this. Jesus lived a sinless life. Yet, “He who knew no sin became sin”a (II Cor. 5:21) so that we could live forever.
As we think about this… let’s be honest… what have we EVER done that is deserving of Jesus giving His life for us? The answer is, “nothing.” We are not worthy. We are blessed, is what we are… that Jesus would die for us.
Today… and this weekend, join me in not focusing on the church or people… focus on the person of Jesus Christ.
And, don’t get hung up on the Easter bunny or egg hunts or new Easter clothes. Focus on the Jesus… He gave His life for us. He is worthy of our praise and adoration.
You may not be “into” religion… that’s cool… but you should be “into” Jesus. He is the greatest person that ever lived.

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