Accountability Is A Key To A Second Chance

I believe STRONGLY in grace.  I believe in second chances.  I believe in forgiveness.  But, I also believe in accountability and that’s not a popular word in our day.
Accountability means each person is accountable. When mistakes are made, we don’t point fingers, we don’t blame someone, we take responsibility, if we made the mistake.
In Joshua 7, there is a pretty strong story of a man being held accountable for his sins. The man’s name was Achan and Joshua called him “you troubler of Israel.”
Here’s the deal; Israel was victorious at Jericho. The next city they were supposed to take was Ai. Ai wasn’t going to be as difficult to take as Jericho had been so Joshua didn’t send as many troops. But, Joshua didn’t know that Achan had taken some things at Jericho that were under the ban. So, Israel was defeated at Ai because they had some things God had told them not to take.
So, following the defeat, the Israelites were kind of licking their wounds. God spoke to Joshua and told him there was sin in the camp and it had to be dealt with. So, Joshua discovered what Achan had done.
At this point, Joshua could have said, “Listen Achan; I know we all make mistakes man… hey… just try to do better next time…”
But that’s not how it was dealt with. God instructed Joshua to bring Achan out and the people of Israel stoned him… as in .. they killed him…
If we treated sin like that today the funeral homes would be busy.
Why did God tell Israel to stone Achan? Because God wanted Israel to know that sin would not be tolerated. Achan was held accountable.
Accountability is needed in our society today. Everyone wants to point fingers and blame someone for their problems. Listen friend; God’s grace is real…. you can be forgiven… but… you have to confess your sin… you have to admit that you are a sinner…
Maybe you are struggling some with being held accountable. Maybe you are wanting to blame others for something you did. Be willing to accept responsibility.
Yesterday, a guy came in our store who played football at Florida State. As we talked he told me about a time when the offensive lineman were running “gassers”… that is a 200 yard sprint… But they were only running to the ten yard line, turning around and coming back.
But Coach Bowden saw this… he could have said “guys, I now y’all are tired… Hey… just forget about this but don’t do it again.”
But that’s NOT what happened.. he told them to run the gasser again and do it right. He was holding these guys accountable.
Today… accept responsibility for your mistakes… it’s the first step toward getting a second chance.

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