God Used A Prostitute – He Can Use Us

Do you ever think that God can’t use you?
Maybe you feel like you aren’t intelligent enough… or, you’ve made some mistakes and you simply feel like God couldn’t possibly use you. Well, you are wrong. God can use you.
In the book of Joshua, the people of Israel are about to go into the promised land. Joshua sends two spies to the city of Jericho to check out the city. These two spies, met a prostitute named Rahab and she gave them shelter. You read that correctly… a prostitute gave them shelter.
So, if God would use Rahab, God can use us. Our past doesn’t matter. So, if you have been asked to teach Bible study, or serve as a greeter, or sing in the choir or maybe God is calling you into ministry… don’t let your past be an issue.
Our past is done… wiped out… just like a computer drive when it’s wiped clean and we start over.
Do you need some examples of how God used people with a less than perfect past?
Ok, let’s try Matthew… one of the disciples of Jesus… Matthew was a crooked tax-collector but Jesus saw potential in him and called him.
What about Peter? He was a rough Galilean fisherman who had a tendency for opening his mouth when he shouldn’t, but God used him.
What about Paul? Before he was converted, his name was Saul and he was persecuting Christians… but God used him.
And we could go on.
Your past… is done… It’s over.
God wants to and can use you today, if you will let Him.

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