Debating And Taking A Stand For What’s Right

In the past decade or so, I have talked with Ministers about the sixties, the civil rights era. A few of them have talked about how tough things were then. Some of them took stands that were unpopular but, they felt were the right thing to do. They took those stands out of obedience to the scriptures.
Standing up for something is not always easy. Sometimes, we do it at the cost of a friend. We may even do it at the cost of a strained relationship with family. But, at times… it is the right thing to do. I say “at times” because we need to think through what we are doing and make sure it is the right thing to do.
In Mark 6, the Bible says that John the Baptist was beheaded because he took a stand against Herod. Herod had married Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife. Prior to that, John told Herod he was wrong for his affair with his brother’s wife. That made Herodias angry and she vowed to get revenge on John.
So, Herod threw a party and and Herodias’ daughter, also named Herodias, came in to dance for Herod and his guests. At the conclusion of her dance, Herod was so pleased he told her to ask for whatever she wanted and she would grant it. He added the she could ask for up to half his kingdom and he would give it to her.
Herodias went to consult with her Mother and she was instructed to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter.  John had taken a stand for morality and it cost him his life. Most of us, hopefully, won’t experience that but, at times, taking a stand could cost us a customer or possibly a friendship.
Is there something you have been debating if you should speak up about? You want to do it but you aren’t sure what it will cost. Make sure that what you are debating needs to be something you take a stand for. Every issue isn’t worth taking a stand. Make sure it’s something important and then, if God leads you to do it, stand… understanding the possible ramifications of your stand.

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