When We Struggle With The Guilt Of Sin

“The jury has found you guilty of all charges!”
When a judge says that, it means the jury has found the person that is being tried, guilty. The jury believes the person did the crime they are accused of. They are guilty.
While you and I may not have committed a crime, we too are guilty of sin we have committed. We are guilty of bad thoughts. We are guilty at times of gossip or using profanity. We are guilty of perhaps not helping people as we should and the list could go on and on.
We can ask Jesus Christ to forgive us and He will. Our sin is forgiven but, even though our sins are forgiven, we can live with the guilt of our sin. The guilt of our sin is basically the memory of our sin. The memory of our sin may not go away. The devil continues to bring it up in our minds.
In Psalm 38:4, the Psalmist says, “My guilt overwhelms me— it is a burden too heavy to bear.”
It may be that your guilt overwhelms you. Maybe you did something years ago… you have asked forgiveness and you are forgiven… but, you continue to remember what happened and every time you do, it bothers you.
The US Government has a “conscience” fund. It’s a fund that was started in 1811 under the Madison Administration. The fund is there for people to donate if they have not paid all their taxes or stolen something. For one man, it meant returning 99 cents he owed the government. For another, it meant sending the government $155,502 he owed the government
Today, if you are struggling with guilt from a sin you committed, if you will ask the Lord He will forgive.

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