A Special Place To Meet The Lord

Do you have a special place where you have met God?
For some, it’s their home church.
For others, maybe it was youth camp or some other type of spiritual retreat.
For others, maybe it was a revival meeting.
For Jacob, it was Bethel.
Jacob was the youngest son of Isaac. Jacob had an older brother Esau. Isaac sent Jacob to find a wife and on his journey, he came to a place that had been named “Luz.” Jacob decided to camp there for the night. While Jacob slept, God appeared to him in a dream and God assured him that he was with him. Because of the experience he had, Jacob named that placed “Bethel.”
You may have a “Bethel” in your life. A place where, at some point in your life, you have had a special experience with God. Maybe it’s a place you go back to occasionally and remember that you met God there.
Years ago, I was Pastor of a church in Franklin county, Mississippi. For years, the church had never locked it’s doors. Someone could literally go into the church at midnight. I don’t remember how it happened but someone began to suggest that maybe we should begin locking the doors.
At a church business meeting, t he idea of beginning to lock the doors of the church was being discussed. Some where in favor and others were not.
A young lady stood up and opposed locking the doors. She then added that there had been a time in her life when she went to the church in the middle of the night to pray. The doors remained unlocked.
God will meet us wherever we are. Today, spend time with the Lord in your special place or… create a special place.

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