What Leads To A Defiled Mind And Conscience?

At times you will hear a news story about something horrible that happened. As you watch the story or read it, you may find yourself thinking, “Who in their right mind could do something like this?” Well, the answer is, their mind is not right.
In Titus 1:5, the apostle Paul says, “Both their minds and their conscience is defiled.” Paul had said of these people, “…to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure but both their mind and conscience are defiled.” Paul was referring to pagans. Their mind and their conscience were defiled.
How does a person get to a place where their mind and conscience are defiled?
It starts with what goes into their minds. What are they reading? What are they watching? What music are they listening to?
Everything we do begins as a thought. When we hear of a crime happening, that crime had a beginning point. Someone had been planning it for some time. So, their mind had gotten to the point that their conscience was defiled.
You may know someone who is doing some things that are wrong. You have tried to talk with them about it but it’s done no good. Their mind and their conscience are defiled.
So, how can a defiled mind and conscience be dealt with? Only through prayer. We have to pray that the Holy Spirit will convict this person and open their mind. Do you know someone whose mind is defiled? Whose conscience is defiled? Pray that God, through the power of the Holy Spirit can open their mind.

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