People May Let You Down – The Lord Never Will

My Dad had a saying; “People will be people.”
Whenever someone messed up… and especially if it was someone you thought highly of… he would say, “Well, people will be people.”
And yes, Daddy was right… unfortunately, “people will be people” and that means they will let you down at times. I’ve experienced it and you probably have as well.
When it happens, it can sting. It can cause you to think all people are like that but, thank the Lord, they aren’t.
In II Timothy 4:16 Paul writes, “At my first defense no one supported me…” Evidently there were some people Paul was expecting to stand with him but they didn’t. Did it bother him? Sure it did! When our backs are against the wall, that’s when we need friends. Yet, at this critical time in Paul’s life, no one stood with him.
But, in the very next verse Paul says, “But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me…” (17). When people let us down, the Lord stands with us. He always will and does.
I have a friend… an older gentlemen who is a Pastor… and we talk fairly regularly. At times when we’ve talked I’ve expressed my frustration and sometimes my anger… over what someone did to me. Almost without fail he will say, “Keep your eyes on Jesus.”
He’s right… the only person who will never let us down is Jesus. Paul said, “At my first defense, no one stood with me.” Then, Paul says, “But the Lord stood with me.”
As Daddy said… “people will be people…” And when “people are people” and they let us down, the stands with us. He always does…

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