As The Home Goes, So Goes Society

“As the home goes, so goes society.”
Those are the words of Pope John Paul II andy they are true. The home is the building block of society.
Paul talked about that in II Timothy 1:5. He commends Timothy for his faith and then tell him he knows that his faith (Timothy) goes back to his home. His grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice had a strong faith and Timothy saw their faith thus, he later received Christ as His Savior.
Everything grows out of the home. Occasionally someone will say, “It’s these kids today… they are the problem!” And I at times reply with, “It’s not the kids, it’s the parents.. Kids aren’t being disciplined in the home or given proper direction.
Moms and Dads, your kids will grow up to reflect you. If you love the Lord and serve Him, your kids are likely to do the same… not all of them will but many will and those who don’t will hopefully return to the faith they grew up with.
In closing I will give you this example; Over thirty-five years as a Pastor I met lots of people. When I met a young couple who were not active in a local church normally, there parents were not either. But, when I met a young couple that were active in a church, it was normally because they had grown up in a Christian home. What we as Parents put value on… what we think is important… our kids will likely feel the same. So again… “as the home goes, so goes society.”

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