A Mind To Work

Have you ever had a job or maybe a project that you struggled with? Oh, you reported for work… you tried to take care of your assignments… but you weren’t happy to be there. It was or is a job. A way to feed the family. But you weren’t excited about it.
Or, you were given a project that your heart just wasn’t in. You went through the motions to get it done but again, you weren’t excited about it. If your heart isn’t in something, it’s not going to happen… well, it may happen but it’s going to take longer and be not be good work.
The book of Nehemiah is about Nehemiah leading the people of Israel to rebuild the broken down walls of the city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah learned of the broken walls and was moved by their condition. He prayed and fasted and asked the king for permission to go to Jerusalem and his request was granted
Once he got to Jerusalem, he surveyed the ruins, called the people together and challenged them to join him in this monumental task. Nehemiah 4:6 says, “So we built the wall and the whole wall was joined together to half its height for the people had a mind to work.”
Focus on those last couple of words… “… the people had a mind to work.” That means, the people put their hearts into the task. They worked hard and faced ridicule because, they had “a mind to work.”
Is there something that you need to put your heart into? Is there a project or a task that you have been kind of fumbling around with… because, your heart really wasn’t in it.
If you are excited about something… if you are convinced that something needs to be done… you will put your heart into it. You will not quit. You will persevere because, you believe in what you are doing.
Some time back, I was selling at a particular dealership. A young black guy had joined the sales team and was having a very good month. One day, I was talking to the General Sales Manager and asked him what that guy was doing that I wasn’t. The manager told me, that the guy I was referring to was coming in early to learn the product. He got honest with me and said, “You aren’t doing your best to learn the product.”
It stung but, he was right. The other salesman had put his heart into his work. He had “a mind to work” and it showed. I didn’t and my sales reflected it.
In order for anything to take place, we must have a “mind to work.” Do you have that today?

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