Will Your Life Stand The Test Of Fire?

What are you investing your life in? Where is your time spent? What is important to you?
Those are all important questions for us. As Christians, we will one day face judgment. This judgment is nothing to do with our salvation. If you are saved, you will spend eternity in heaven but, the Bible says our lives… our works… will be judged.
Now, someone may say, “Wait a minute… I thought you couldn’t work your way into heaven?” And you are correct; you can’t. But, even though you can’t work your way into heaven, because of your salvation, you should utilize your spiritual gifts in service for the Lord.
So, back to the original questions; What are you investing your life in? Where is your time going?
In I Corinthians 3, Paul was talking about how each servant of God will face judgment. He said we should be careful about the building materials we use because they will face judgment. Some of the materials used are solid materials… materials that will last… Those are… “gold silver… precious stones.” But then, some of the materials are “wood… hay… straw…”
Think about that… “gold… silver… precious stones..” Those are materials that will not be destroyed by fire. They are solid materials.
But then, Paul adds “… wood… hay… straw…” Wood, hay and straw will not last through the fire. They will be destroyed.
Paul says, “the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work.”
So, let’s imagine we are standing before the Lord. As we do, the things we invested time in are revealed. The things we spent money on are revealed. They all pass through the fire. What will stand and what will be destroyed by the fire?
We all need to live in such a way that when our lives are judged, it will stand the test of fire. Where is your time going? Are you doing anything for the Lord? Are you helping your fellow man? Or, is all of your time spent on your hobbies? Is all your time spent on frivolous pursuits?
Where is your money going? Is it being invested in something wise? Are you tithing to your local church? Are you giving to charitable causes?
Will our lives… our works….stand the test of the fire? They will if they are spent in service to the Lord or, to other good, charitable causes. They won’t, if they are thrown away gambling or chasing the wind.
In about a month, college football season will begin. Millions of people (fans) will buy tickets to see their team play. Those tickets are not cheap. Some people will get hotel rooms to spend the night after they watch their team play. Those hotel rooms aren’t cheap. Fans will buy cold drinks, hot dogs, programs to eat and read while they watch their team play. Those aren’t cheap either. And many of those fans will miss church on Sunday morning after the game because it’s hard work (sarcasm) watching their team play.
That same illustration could be applied to hunting, or playing golf or fishing or playing cards etc…
Christian, where is your time and money going and will they stand the test of the fire of judgment? If not, you need to evaluate your life in order to be right when we stand before the Lord.

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