Trusting God To Bring Water From A Rock

In the book of Deuteronomy, the last chapter, Moses goes up on a mountain where God shows him the promised land. Moses has been leading the people of Israel for years and the goal has been to get into the Promised land. Now, they are almost there. From the top of the mountain, Moses looks. Maybe his eyes filled with tears of joy as he saw the beautiful land Israel was getting.
But Moses wasn’t going. That’s right; Moses, the great leader of Israel would not cross over into the land. Why? Moses’ was being punished for not believing that God could bring water from a rock. Back in the book of Numbers, there was a time when Israel came to a place called “Meribah.” God instructed Moses to strike the rock and water would come out. But the Bible says Moses struck the rock twice. God knew Moses’ heart and evidently Moses didn’t believe the rock would actually produce water. So, Moses was being punished.
It is sad to me that this great leader, who had put up with grumbling and complaining for years would not get into the Promised land. But, that’s what happened. Moses looked at the Promised Land but didn’t enter in.
This is a reminder to us to take God at His word. The truth is, we may have been just like Moses. I mean… come on… God says strike a rock… we are all human… we may have very well struck the rock thinking, “Ok, I will get this over with… I KNOW there is no water in this rock..” But there was.
Maybe God has told you to do something and you are struggling to believe God. Maybe God is encouraging you to tithe but… you question how you will pay your bills. Maybe you have been asked to give above and beyond the tithe to some special project but again, you are struggling to believe.
If we aren’t careful, we can make the same mistake as Moses and fail to believe. If God says there is water in a rock… there is water there. We simply must believe.


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